Increasingly, people rely on machine translation to comprehend websites and documents in other languages. Tools like Babelfish or Google Translate can often produce a reasonably comprehensible version that allows the reader to understand at least the gist of a text. Without doubt this part of the translator’s work is likely to disappear as these tools improve and others emerge. If a basic understanding of the content of the text is all you need then these automatic solutions may be sufficient.

Frequently however, what is needed is to produce texts in the foreign language that are professional and appropriate to the socio-cultural target context. This requires more complex and demanding work than is involved in the mechanical transposition of linguistic codes. A deeper understanding of the aims of the text and the target context is required.

ANDAMIO offers a translation service that localizes your document into the target context according to your needs. This kind of service requires human insight and cultural sensitivity, and engagement with the client and the objectives of the text. For this reason we specialise in translation between English and Spanish. We have proven expertise in this area, and particularly in the area of scientific and technological translation in which we have won awards (Institute of Linguists, London).

If you are interested in these services, please get in touch using the contact details provided on this site.