Collaboration is central to our understanding of our work at Andamio. We work together with a range of public and private organizations, including primary schools, universities, secondary schools, training organizations, regional governments, departments of national governments, supranational government organizations and international organizations. Current activities are principally in the educational and health sectors, with a focus on research, innovation, evaluation and change management. In many cases our key role centers on appropriate management of the project in question. In  these contexts our flexibility and adaptability to different contexts are key values.

Some of the organisations we have worked with:

  • Universidad de Salamanca (ES) – University of Salamanca
  • Universidade do Porto (PT) – University of Porto
  • European Commission DG-CONNECT (LU)
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (MX) – National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • European Commission EACEA – (BE)
  • National Research Foundation (UEA)
  • University of Brighton (UK)
  • Universität Augsburg (DE) – University of Augsburg
  • Union for International Cancer Control (CH)
  • Gobierno de Aragón (ES) – Government of Aragon
  • Secretaria de Educación Pública (MX) – Mexican Ministry of Education
  • European Commission – REA (BE)
  • Gobierno de Valencia (ES) – Government of Valencia
  • Institut Catalá de Oncología (ES) – Catalan Insitute of Oncology
  • Florida Centre de Formació (ES) – Florida Education Centre
  • Fundación Burgos por la Investigación de la Salud (ES) – Burgos Health Research Foundation
  • AKOE Educació (ES) – AKOE Educational Cooperative
  • Gobierno de Castilla y León (ES) – Government of Castilla-León