Andamio Education and Technology is an SME based in Valencia, Spain, founded in 2009, which provides support and consultancy in the field of education, with a special focus on the integration of new, and older technologies. Andamio is a Spanish word that translates as “scaffolding” in English. The idea derives both from the idea of scaffolding in the building industry – the support that is provided when something is in the process of construction – and from the work of theorists such as Vygotsky and Bruner, that posit “scaffolding” as part of the learning process. Any project is a learning process, and Andamio aims to support that process.

The staff of the company have been active in educational research and innovation, focusing on the appropriate pedagogical use of technology in learning, for over 20 years, including extensive participation in EU financed projects. This work has included extensive work on technology integration in schools, vocational training, higher education and adult learning contexts, and the areas of focus have included, amongst others, the use of technologies for STEM education, the educational uses of games, the use of mobile technologies, teacher training, multicultural learning, language learning and CLIL, and the uses of social media  The company is currently collaborating with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in the development of a post-graduate diploma in the use of 3D virtual worlds in education. Other collaborators include a range of universities and governmental organisations. The company has extensive expertise in a wide range of consultancy and training activities, that cover the whole project life cycle, from conception, design and development of project plans to implementation and evaluation. Examples of current and recent projects include work on the strategic integration of ICT in primary and secondary schools, recognition of informal learning processes in VET and HE, training in advanced use of ICT for learning for teachers in mixed-mode occupational training, mobile learning, language learning, collaborative ICT based solutions for the reintroduction to learning of dropouts in the schools context, curricular integration, assessment, 21st century literacy and the uses of ICT in rural education.

Our other line of activity focusses on the field of internet-based publishing and marketing. In this area we have a special focus on creative SMEs mainly managed by mothers working from home. In this area a central initiative has been the Kireei project, focused around the Kireei blog (, which has developed a strong audience of 6000 unique visitors daily, and a wide network of collaborators including computer engineers, graphic designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, writers, designers, stylists, crafters, cooks and education and parenting specialists. Kireei is currently engaged in the publishing and distribution of a printed magazine which focuses on successful mothers businesses and creative projects.